Thursday, November 17, 2016

I don't remember sacrificing a goat

All is well. Killed her meds and prepared for the worst.

Lydia is on top of the world.


It was a non stimulant. She hated the feeling of a giant wet blanket holding her down.

She is a delight. She is a leader. She is happy.

Ok. Thrilled.


It must be my fault. Right?

Ps - when she saw me notably upset the day after elections, she said, Don't worry Momma. I can be the first girl president.


  1. Don't blame yourself: speaking as someone whose 10-year-old nephew has received the same diagnoses as your daughter, it's not always easy even for professionals to know the right treatment(s) for these things. And what works can change over time, as the child matures and grows.

    I love her comment to you after the election. Let's hope we don't have to wait 25+ years for a female president, though. :-)

  2. you're doing all the right things - you're trying to help her, and its rare (outside of fairy tales) to find a solution on the first go.

  3. Amazing! Meds are not for every kid who struggles. Truly. You were so wise to give it a try, and wiser still to listen to her when she said they made her feel yucky. I love this story of figuring things out together <3