Thursday, October 13, 2016

Medicine ups and downs for the ADHD kid with ODD on the side


So Lydia went on meds for the ADHD/ODD.  She switched meds As it wasn't working.

We took her off the second non stimulant last week.  Beastly at home.  Creature like.

Welcome to the Garden of Eden.


We had her 504/IEP meeting with school. Lydia does not qualify for either.  Want to know why?  She is a TOP mother fucking student.  Not just good.  TOP.  STUDENT.

Can I get a 504/IEP for home?

We continue to struggle, but she is remarkably better since stopping the medication.

Is it age?  Is it the regimen of school and activities?  Who the fuck knows.

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  1. I've heard this time and again, Rockie: kiddos keep it together at school, too much at stake to let it all out. But at home, where they are immensely loved and fully, unconditionally accepted, they are sheer terrors. I'm sure that comforts you A TON, right? It just sounds really hard right now with Lydia. I wonder if she brings you face to face with important parts of yourself. I wonder how you keep going? But you do; you are fierce. Sending so much love your way, mama.