Sunday, August 14, 2016

A shitty frozen casserole would help

Notes to myself.  Not sure it will make a lot of sense but I want to remember it.

My family, my silent family, thinks all Lydia's troubles are due to lack of discipline at home.  Or best case, due to inconsistencies between me and Rocco.  I may be a shit parent, but he is a Mega Shit Parent.

My sister doesn't buy it.  How hard it is.  How much I am struggling.  Hey.  Sis.  Can you help.  Come over.  Do anything.  Bring me a tuna fucking casserole.

I solve problems, my sister says.  A dinner would only treat symptoms.

Lydia has been evaluated multiple times by a psychiatrist over the last several years.  We decided to try medication about a month ago.  She had plateaued. Weekly therapy appointments were not offering progress.  The first prescription was a miss.  Lydia stopped taking it a few days ago.

The rebound.  The, I dunno, can I call it withdrawal?  I don't really know what else it could be.  Is this a manic episode?  She needs little sleep, yet runs like an angry machine.

She targets me.  Follows me.  Baits me.  Rocco sends me outside.  Remove the stimulus, I guess?

I am alone in the garage.


  1. One of my boys is hard to parent. A little ODD Ina way, but it is specifically aimed at me. He is usually the sweetest thing ever...until he isn't. Meds are helping.

    Many hugs. Xoxo

    1. Care to share the med? We are currently evaluating non stimulants. The adjustment period is AGONY.

  2. That sounds so frustrating. Hugs. And I'd like to come over and shake your sister-- all else aside, treating symptoms creates a space where you can more easily solve problems.

  3. Hey friend!! Thanks for letting me in. All I can offer from afar is an ear. XOXO

  4. I'm sorry. That sounds tough.

  5. It sounds like your sister needs some education on behavioral disorders since this doesn't have to do with parenting... I'm so sorry. I wish instead of being so quick to judge.. she sends you a casserole.