Thursday, August 11, 2016

Escort to the dentist chair or a violation against her will?

Ah, hell.  I have been dreading taking Lydia (Toddlerina) to the dentist since the day we walked out of her last appointment.

Huge, sobbing fit on the scene.  Terrifying the living shit out of the other kids waiting to be called down to the dungeon, I mean dentist's chair.  Frantic.  Begging.  Hiding.

It breaks my heart to see it.  Lydia becomes completely unhinged.  She can't be reached when she is in this state.  You can see she isn't present in her own body.

The older dentist in a kids specialty dentist shop steps in to help as his hygienists aren't making any headway.  I am doing my best to calm her and not freak out myself.  He asks to "escort" her to the chair.  I say ok, sure.

Grandpa Dentist bends down and tries to force her in the direction of the chair.  You think she was freaking out before, well now it sounds like someone is trying to kill her.  My mind and heart are racing - what the fuck is happening here?  Is this the way you do it?  Is this right?  He is a specialist, right?  He must know this will work?

Not sure how much time passed.  Maybe 15 seconds?  15 years?

I step between them and tell him to stop.

She is a wreck.  I have seen her in a state and this one is right up there in the top 5.

I don't blame her.  No one should ever be allowed to put their hands on you if you refuse.  I don't even make Lydia kiss her grandparents (another strike in the Roccie is a Shitty Parent  column as far as my family is concerned).

I'm sure not going to let stranger force her against her will.

In the end her teeth were cleaned. Couldn't complete everything she needed for her dental health.  It was just too much for her to process.

He said at the end of the visit all went well.  I am still dumbstruck.  I attempted to help him understand by sharing her diagnosis. He cut me short and said he doesn't like labels.

Wait you Dental Dick.  I am not labeling.  I am sharing a medical term to hopefully enable you to understand she runs DEEP.  You play around her rules when it comes to something like this.

Son of a bitch is fired.  Not sure what I'll tell the folks in that office.  I need to craft a message they can make change from.  No one should be allowed to operate a shop like this.


  1. Oh man! Dental Dick is right! I'm angry just reading it, I know loving it was a thousand times worse.

    Many hugs to you both!

  2. I agree, find another dentist. I had my very own panic attack at the dentist this week and couldn't get the fillings I was supposed to have, so I know how she feels.

  3. That's awful. Diagnosis or no, a scared kid should never be forced to do anything. I have made people stop multiple times in the middle of cutting my son's hair so he could get acclimated to the scissors. And that's noninvasive. Hope you are both recovered by now.