Monday, August 29, 2016

Sometimes you get what you need

Toddlerina, now the Elementary School Empress, started new medication late last wk.

Lydia came home from school grumpy and eye lids at half mast.

Asleep at 545pm.  She slept almost straight through the night, but woke briefly for me to shove another pill down her throat.

Ok, not really, she took it willingly, but someone should just cut my heart out with a spoon.

Cut my mother fucking heart out with a spoon because it will be painful and and it will be messy and it is a shit-effective tool.

Later that day I see my buddy pull up in the driveway.  She walks up to the door kinda slow motion like, bad ass, leaving her car running and the driver's door open as if to indicate "you cannot refuse me - see the International Signs I Won't Stay for Long".

She hands over a bag of every kind of chocolate treat currently available at Traader Jo's.  That is a lot of chocolate.

She hugs me, leaves the bag of SWAG, and drives off into the sunset.

Lydia didn't wake up when I ate the chocolate without even unwrapping it.


  1. Now *that's* the kind of friend you want to have! :-)

  2. What an awesome buddy!

    Hoping the meds do what you need them to. Hugs.

  3. Lol that's a great friend right there!